Active Flag

Active Flag

Holywell ETNS are pleased to announce that we have applied for accreditation for an ACTIVE SCHOOL FLAG. This initiative, similar to the Green School Flag, involves the whole school community working towards more active lifestyles through PE, physical activity and sport both within and outside school hours. More information about this can be found on

We have an Active School Committee, made up of 9 children from Craobh and Fifth and Sixth Class. The committee meet to try think of ways to help the children and staff in our school become more active and healthy. For example, we try think of ways to try help the children to be as active as possible during yard times, e.g. by playing football, running and skipping.

The World Health Organisation recommends that "Children and youth aged 5–17 should accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity daily". For more information, please follow the following link:

After School Clubs

We have been working towards being awarded with the Active School Flag over the past few years in Holywell ETNS. There are a variety of active after school clubs in Holywell ETNS, including:

  • Athletics
  • GAA Football
  • GAA Nursery
  • Hurling
  • Basketball
  • Fit Kiddies
  • Soccer
  • Irish dancing

The children in our school also partake in a number of sporting competitions, such as Cumann na mBunscol athletics and GAA competitions, Fingal athletics league, Malahide Cricket tournament and Dublin Primary Schools basketball competitions. This year, Sixth Class even trained to participate in the the last mile of the Dublin City Marathon!

All classes participate in a minimum of one hour of P.E. per week. Some of these lessons include training with James, our G.A.A. coach, or with coaches from Fingal Sports Partnership and Malahide Cricket club.

Local Sports Clubs


Club Name

Website/ Phone Number


Swords Celtic F.C.


Fingallians GAA Club


Finians GAA Club


Swords Lawn Tennis Club

Ph: 01 840 0160


Shika Do Karate

Ph: 086 154 4527


Fingallians Athletics Club


Malahide Cricket Club

Dance Off!

We took part in a dance- off as part of Active Week. There are some great dancers in our school!

Active Week in Holywell ETNS

Active Week took place in May 2015 in Holywell ETNS. All classes took part in a variety of fun events, such as dancing in the classrooms, skipping, running together laps around the yard, relay races, cricket and a variety of fun games. Skip Hop also visited our school this week.

We look forward to Active Week 2016. The Active School committee are busy thinking of new, fun ideas for this year!

Skip Hop

Skip Hop visited our school. All classes took part in workshops and learnt new skipping skills. There was a performance at the end of the second day, where these new skills were demonstrated. Lots of children bought skipping ropes, which they use in the school yard and at home. We also have a set of skipping ropes to be used as part of P.E. Lessons,to help get our hearts pumping!

Cumann na mBunscol Athletics

Eight relay teams from our school took part in Santry Athletics 2015. All athletes were outstanding and our Under 10 Girls relay team won a trophy for first place. Two boys from Second Class also won medals in 100m Sprint race. Here is a photograph of the boys on the podium. Well done to all those who took part and we look forward to taking part again in May 2016!


Teachers and parents from our school participated in a Cyclathon in Pavillions Shopping Centre, Swords. The teachers and parents took turns to cycle, in order to raise funds for our school.


Some of the older classes in our school take part in Cricket training in school time. It is great fun learning how to play cricket! Children who are interested in joining a local cricket club could join Malahide Cricket Club.