Classes - Danielle Daly

Visit from Mammy & Baby

March 20, 2017

We had a very exciting afternoon!

Aidan's Mam, Róisín, came in to visit us. She brought Aidan's baby sister Ailbhe too.

We have been learning about how to look after babies and we had lots of questions for Róisín.

We learned that Ailbhe weighed over 8lbs (pounds) when she was born. Róisín brought in some small weights for us so that we could feel what 8lbs weighs. Some children thought it was very heavy but other children didn't think it was that heavy!

We learned about feeding and changing babies.

We learned about some of the equipment parents need to help them look after babies, like bottles, wipes, prams and blankets.

We learned that babies need lots of sleep so that they can grow - between 14 and 16 hours every day!

We learned about keeping babies comfortable - they don't like feeling too cold or too hot.

Babies need lots of care and attention because they can't look after themselves.

Lots of children in our class love helping to look after their little brothers and sisters.

Thank you very much Róisín and baby Ailbhe for visiting us today!