Classes - Emer Dowling

Our Metro North project!

June 02, 2017

We spent a lot of time discovering transport in the past so it was time to look towards the future. The clever children in 1st class wondered if there would ever be an underground in Dublin. We all love our local buses but they are very busy and can take a long time so we decided to write to the Minister for Transport with our questions and ideas. Guess what- he replied! We received an email from Minister Shane Ross telling us all about the plans for Metro North. It won't be built until 2026 at the earliest so we decided to make our own plans. We drew all the places the Metro is planned to go through, as well as the line itself.

We learned that it is a busy job being a planner. We used teamwork to draw the pictures and we needed to listen carefully to our friends.

We needed to use our mathematical skills to solve problems based on the plan.