Classes - Joshua Jacob

November in Junior Infants Room 4

December 01, 2016

November in Junior Infants Room 4

The children have given me the impression that they are very much settled in now as November has come and I have been super impressed with the work they have been doing.

Literacy, Numeracy and Gaeilge

In literacy, we have been taking the big step up and starting to blend our words together at home and school, I cannot believe how enthusiastic the children have been about this and I hope they continue to love reading. In Maths we have been learning about the numbers 1 and 2 and been doing some very tricky stuff working with these numbers. Gaeilge has been all about food, the weather and the clothes we wear during winter.


For history, geography and science, we looking at our local environment away from the school focusing on homes and winter in our local environment. We have been also been listening and working with some familiar stories in history.

Arts Education

This month we have stepped up the art work and have been challenging ourselves with even more different materials!! We have been using collage to create animals inspired by stories we have been listening to and by our Science lessons.

PE, SPHE and Learn Together

We have been continuing dance in PE and we are really enjoying it. SPHE has been all about emotions and expressing them in a positive way. Finally, Learn Together has been an exploration of Sikhism (one of our faiths to learn about in Junior infants).