Classes - Rian O'Ceallaigh

Christopher Columbus and More!

February 08, 2017

We have been hard at work in Rian's class. We were designing and making ships just like the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. We created our own treasure maps and even wrote our own stories about discovering an island! They were so interesting! We learned lots of facts such as the year that Columbus went in search of a shortcut to the indies- 1492. We also learned that King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain gave him money for his trip. We are now working as a team to create a big island display- we will show you guys when it is complete!

This month we have also been learning about time, fractions and tens and units. We learned a cool song to help us learn the time called "Read the Clock" We also made our own clocks and practiced asking each other the time.

In Irish we were learning about "An Teach". We worked in small groups to create- an seomra suite/ an seomra codlata/ an chistin/ an seomra folctha.

Marcell the mouse joined our class in January! He is a wonderful friend and loves to go on adventures with us. He will visit all of our homes this year so look out for him and take good care of him when he comes to visit!

We also learned about Chinese New Year and the Zodiac. We had a party and made chinese dragons!