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Holywellies Newsletter 4th March 2016

March 04, 2016

Dear Parents,


A huge thank you to those who donated to our food drive for Crosscare or teddies for Dogs Trust.The response was absolutely fantastic and we are delighted to hand over such an overwhelming amount of kind donations to these worthy charities.

Congratulations to Sara from morning class and Mia from afternoon class, we hope you enjoy your time at home with Take me Home Teddy!

This week

Themes: Mothers Day / Identifying feelings & emotions / Caring Occupations

Book: Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney

Song/s: Mommy Song

Jolly Phonics Sound: “v

Shape: Parallelogram

Number: 6 and recap all

Colour: Pink

Pyjama Day!!!!!! It was lovely to see the children all cosy in their pyjamas on such a cold snowy day. Thank you to everyone for gathering sponsorships on this important day.

Lots of Mothers Day themed activities to choose from this week from, Mothers Day colouring, to water play with pink water and glitter and pink play dough with lovely heart shaped cutters.

We also enjoyed love themed snack such as crackers with strawberry jam, berry juice, oat cookies and as a special treat on Friday – marshmallows & popcorn.

Circle Time

As well as listening to our lovely story and practicing our numbers and shapes, we talked about our emotions and feelings and identified different emotions by looking at facial expressions on the interactive whiteboard.We also talked about how we can show love and care to our family and friends.

Science / Early Math

We have made you a special Mother’s Day treat using science!We mixed different ingredients with scented smells and hope you enjoy a relaxing, well deserved bath!

Our class play dough was pink this week by adding pink paint to our usual ingredients.We also added vanilla essence to create a lovely smell.

Pink colouring was added to whipped cream and the children loved exploring the texture with their fingers (and licking them clean!)

Art & Crafts

Tea for Mummy – we hope you enjoy this beautiful edible tea cup and saucer for a Mother’s Day treat.

Bunny Masks – The children created their own bunny mask using paper plates, pink plates and wool for whiskers.

Bubble Painting – Using straws to make bubbles in watery paint, the children created lovely bubble patterns.

Wishing you all a Weekend

Your Holywellies Team