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Important Parking Notice:

The school is sadly having to handle regular complaints from Holywell residents about parking incidents caused by parents of the school. Last week a lady driving a BMW was involved in an altercation with a resident in Holywell Glen, where shamefully children witnessed the incident. Today irresponsible parking by a parent in Holywell Ave. led to residents having their driveways blocked by a car. At home-time today, a car reversed into another parked car at the school exit. It is very fortunate that no child was hurt or injured.

School authorities are not responsible for the driving or parking habits of parents/guardians. I have contacted the community Gardaí to come and monitor the situation as things seem to be deteriorating. Please be respectful to the residents of Holywell and park in a safe place, giving yourself plenty of time for your journey.

Furthermore, please show respect to school staff if you are late bringing or collecting your child. School staff have been subjected to harassment and cases of aggression by some people. Parents/guardians who exhibit this will not be permitted onto the school grounds.