Maths Week in Holywell 2015

October 16, 2015

This year for Maths Week in Holywell ETNS the children participated in Problem Solving Maths Trails. The children were measuring length, weight and capacity, identifying various shapes, gathering data, working with time etc. Our Maths trails highlighted the need for maths in our everyday lives. Our trails included working with the local environment – from the sink, to the yard, the car park, shopping adverts/prices, the local petrol station, and shopping in Argos!

Tables Champions: All the children from 2nd class to 6th class completed a Tables quiz in September and again this week. Prizes were given to the children who had most improved at their tables. The children will get another opportunity to improve their scores over the coming months – so please encourage your children to practice their tables at home.

Thank you to the parents in Stuart, Josh, Alison, Emer and Mark’s classes for joining the children and teachers for Maths for Fun. The children in these classes along with the teachers and parents enjoyed playing games that involved problem solving/Maths during the afternoons of this week. The children had a great time and we hope the parents did too!

Other activities included Brain Snack (problem solving), puzzles, and various online activities.