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April 07, 2017

School Music

Dear Parents,

The children have completed week 5 of the tin whistle programme. Many of them were very excited about playing the tin whistle at home so we we listened to them and have sent them home. There are lots of resources here on the website to help them practice, including an opportunity to compose their own music.

All they need is a blue, yellow (amber) and green colouring pencil. They can colour 4 dots within each box on the composition sheet to compose their own music (see gallery). They just need to remember that each colour represents one of the notes:

  • B = Blue
  • A = Amber (yellow)
  • G = Green

We have created this method of teaching the tin whistle to make it easy to understand how musical notation works. So far, they should understand that B is the highest pitch, A is the middle pitch and G is the lowest pitch - and we show that by drawing the coloured dots at different heights.

Please take the opportunity to listen to your child’s progress and encourage them to practice. If you are interested, you could learn with them. You can buy a tin whistle for under 10 euro in the shops.

Follow the links for the questionnaires below if you haven't had chance to do it yet. It's easy to do and should only take a couple of minutes. Please enter the personal code that was written in your child’s homework journal on Monday 03/04/17. This means we don’t need your name.

Parent's Questionnaire

Children's Questionnaire

Many thanks for your support!


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